Organic Junkie

Client: Organic Junkie

Corona. Is. Making. Moves.

Actually we take that back–Christina Bohannon is making moves. She has brought her pansophic idea to fruition with her organic restaurant for all. The menu at Organic Junkie has a unique vibe that no other in the Crown Town can compare to. Whether you are drinking a ‘smoochie’ or enjoying a panini, the food is absolutely delectable and it’s a double pleasure knowing everything is healthy and organically and locally sourced. Plus, the food is straight up exciting! Have you ever heard of a smoochie before?

Christina’s restaurant also reinvigorates a centerpiece region of Corona that lied dormant for years–originally known to the kids of the ’90’s for having a simple, yet solid trifecta: Laser Tag, good pizza, and a movie theater. It is absolutely amazing to see Corona transitioning into a cultured city again, moving past its many years of picket-fence suburbia of the recent past, while literally building upon its century-old golden era of car racing and citrus groves.