Kra Z Kai’s Laotian BBQ

Sep Lai!

Our team at Social Current takes pride in working with all of our clients, while especially doing our best to do what we can to help local businesses. This means, if we can personally help enhance a local business’s brand by making in-person trips to help them tell their story, that is what we do. We strive to work with these local small businesses, and luckily, Kra-Z-Kai’s Laotian BBQ is located a short trip from our office.

(Disclaimer: we don’t believe in luck too much, however it is nothing but luck that we have such an amazing barbecue spot located so close to us).

This is a delicious secret located nowhere other than Social Current’s hometown, of Corona, California. So, we must exclaim, Sep lai! (Which means “very delicious!” in Laotian). So when people look back in a few years, we hope to be credited as the first to call that Kra-Z-Kai’s is a gold mine in the foodie world.

The Dishes.

The pork ribs are marinated in a mixture that Mr. Bilavarn created himself that is a synergy of the traditional base that his Laotian parents used and his own twist. After the meat is slow cooked, this beautiful spiciness is brushed on during the oh-so aromatic grilling.

Kra-Z-Kai’s also serves a Lao sausage which has a Southeastern Asian blend of pork, onion, scallion, and of course, lemongrass.

The chicken that is served there is quite possibly the best barbecued chicken we have ever tasted, so we’ll just let you experience the tender, juicy surprise for yourself. Plus, the skin on the chicken has just the right crispiness and combination of sweet and savory flavor that is the hallmark of any barbecued meat.

To summarize, all the meats are savory, especially the short ribs, which will engulf your mouth in umami-induced euphoria.

The dishes served at Kra-Z-Kai’s come with several sides, and we tried everything from the friend rice to sticky rice to soy sesame salad. Everything works to compliment each other and your are left with an incredible meat-filled experience.

Spice and Funk.

The question then must be posed, “what is so great about Laotian BBQ?” Our team members are not well-versed food critics, but we are self-proclaimed and peer-proven foodies in our own right. And our answer to this question: the plate tells a story.

Let those five words be a prelude. Let our video we filmed and produced for Musky Bilavarn, the owner of Kra-Z-Kai’s be an introduction. Let the “spice and funk,” in the words of Anthony Bourdain, do the real story-telling when you try Mr. Bilavarn’s excellent Laotian cooking. Be the foodie you’ve always wanted to be, trust us, and go taste Kra-Z-Kai’s story for yourself. You can thank us later!


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