How to Build a Brand: KPI H&B – Brand & Website Development

How do you build a brand? You go all in.

With KPI Health and Beauty, our team at Social Current needed to fulfill their goals of brand establishment. To build a brand for their corporation meant having an immense plan. That plan means beginning with a website. From there, the team needs to entice social media traffic and then funnel it to the website. The website requires a lead generation and capture service. Finally, a complete enterprise marketing plan is formed. This ranges from on-the-ground and print marketing to Facebook ads and contacting social media influencers. In total, this would promote the new, but unknown brand: KPI H&B.

Enough of the business terms, let’s get down to why this is interesting. KPI Healthcare is already a trusted healthcare corporation. They are an international-level sales corporation and have a successful business model for selling ultrasound equipment and other medical technology to doctors and hospitals. Big shoes for H&B fill! KPI wanted to begin a new branch from scratch to sell health, beauty, and wellness products. A big gap for Social Current to breach!

The Korean Angle

KPI H&B had a unique angle that Social Current could double down on: the leadership at KPI seeked to create their own line of Korean beauty products. That makes this case study special, because Korea is world renowned for not just Taekwondo and amazing BBQ, but for their advances in cosmetics and beauty products.To create a lively and fresh theme, customer demographics research was done. Social Current picked everything down to the exact hue of images and the rounding of particular fonts. The team members of Social Current were pretty acquainted with the the term “KBBQ,” but soon K-Beauty was flying out of their mouths way more than KBBQ was being eaten.  Social Current made sure that the “Korean” aspect of the beauty products would not just be a selling gimmick. Instead, it would be the entire flavor of the brand building campaign.

To effectively build a brand, Social Current worked with KPI to design a website that leaves the viewer with a fresh and natural feeling. Social Current also wanted to emphasize organic qualities. The team also ensured that every social media post elicited the same feelings and maintained a consistent theme.

In addition to building a website and e-commerce store for KPI, Social Current helped in designing much more! This truly is an entire enterprise solution for an emerging business. Social Current designed the packaging, labeling, and logo for future product lines that are yet to be released, as of the beginning of 2018. Be on the lookout for KPI Health and Beauty!