Instagram Rapid Growth Testimonials

Instagram Rapid Growth Testimonials

Up-and-coming businesses MUST have something that can help to prove that you’re legit. Having only a few followers makes you look like a scam. We didn’t want to buy Instagram followers. Instead, we decided to obtain real followers, which is no easy task on your own. Instagram Rapid Fire took out the hard part: all we had to do was post photos, and the organic likes and follows poured in.

We can reach our surrounding population at ease using our Instagram now, and virtually for free thanks to our influence! There’ no need to run Facebook ads anymore, when we can leverage our Instagram influence. Their service rocks for specialty gyms, and greatly helped us stand out in a saturated market.

Our gym needed an organic boost online and for our social media. We love Social Current’s work and their service!

I went from 300 to over 3000 followers in just 3 months. And yes, they all interact. They’re not bots. I’m amazed.

Social Current does the job. They are true to their word and they are available to talk to whenever you need them. Great service.