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“By the end of the first week we were already getting leads. By the end of the first month, we actually had to incorporate a CRM software… because we weren’t able to handle all the leads.”

Patrick M.

“The customers that call thanks to the ads that Social Current run are really warm leads–they’re gold.”

Patrick M.

“Jonathan and Amy are the best… they have big hearts and help people. I love them to death.”

Cindy W.

“I never thought my business would grow this fast. I am forever grateful to them.”

Cindy W.

“Social Current offered a videographer that came out and did the filming and created the videos and posts for us. So it was individualized to us.”

Alan S.

“Being able to know that leads are going to walk in the door, being confident that you are going to move in the right direction allows me to focus on what I’m good at with my business.”

Alan S.
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