Soaring Content Creation

Tora! Tora! Tora! Sound the air raid alarm! The drones are coming!

Japanese Air Raid Courtesy of Old Glory Prints
Artist depiction of the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941 where the Japanese did not use drones in their dive bombing techniques.

Social media is dominated by visuals. Ask any millennial which social media platform is dominant and nine times out of ten you will hear something like, “YouTube, bro” or “Instagram for sure!” There’s a reason for this: the human brain dedicates more than half of its spatial area to processing visual information. Understanding that little bit (or actually, very large statistic) might help you understand why drone videos are becoming the next best thing to allow your business to push the envelope. Combining crisp, advanced video footage with soaring aerial acrobatics will no doubt pave a new path for your branding, social media content, and especially, SEO. Imagine the wonderful backlink a business website would have thanks to a visually stimulating video.

What used to take a helicopter, pilots, spotting team, and filming team is now at the average businessperson’s fingertips. (To avoid controversy with any PC police, we’ll add that drones are more-often-than-not controlled with a pilot’s thumbs, rather than fingers). Anyway, thanks to the convenience and speed with drones in 2018, just about anything can be filmed from angles that would typically require a cherry picker. Those angles add that above and beyond effect that can make a wedding go from quaint to epic. Weddings, however, are supposed to be done big. What would happen if you took a regular business day for a gymnastics gym, and shot some aerial footage to post on social media?

The answer is they would surely have posted some eye candy, and would be getting some extra attention!

Check out a simple drone flight we did in Portland, Oregon when we decided to just hop out of the Uber sedan on the way to PDX airport. (PDX by the way, does a great job of keeping flyers’ visual and auditory systems stimulated).

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