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Amy Kim

As a graduate of the prestigious Communication Studies department at UCLA, Amy began her career interning in the Entertainment and Music industry in Los Angeles. After graduating, she was determined to find a balance between the glitz and glam of the Entertainment industry and making a positive impact on the world. She found that balance as the Social Media and Event Manager at Race to Erase MS, a non-profit organization that hosts one of LA’s Top 5 charity events. The star-studded Race to Erase MS Annual Gala raises about $1.8 million every year to ultimately find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. During her time at the Race to Erase MS, Amy was able to truly recognize and harness the power of the digital space, social media and event production to benefit an incredible cause. Since then, she has continued to master the art of social media and digital marketing, as well as event managing in her positions at Planet Beauty and currently University of California, Riverside. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge and experiences to develop a compelling brand story and message to benefit your business.

Jonathan Erickson

As a driven and polymathic entrepreneur, investor, and martial artist, Jonathan has always vigorously worked to reach the top of his fields. He is a UCR graduate and pre-medical student. Jonathan's undergraduate research in neuroscience has allowed him the opportunity to learn about market psychology, and together with his entrepreneurial mindset, create a catalytic environment for any businessperson he works beside. His collaborative skills are rooted in his martial arts background, as he is a decorated world champion and lifetime Taekwondo instructor. The time Jonathan has invested in serving others has accentuated his ability to help his students and clients alike achieve their goals, and echoes his symbolism of being a renaissance man.

Aaron Kim

Aaron is a striving business student at UCR pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, but he was always eager to immediately start providing some form of value to the field he feels so passionately about. He decided to enroll in a prestigious SMMA Certification Program to be formally trained to navigate the waters of this ever changing space of digital marketing. Growing up, Aaron also had a strong passion for creating his own original hip hop choreography and sharing his content on social media. Just as Aaron expressed his own story through this new digital space, he believes businesses all around the world can share their own compelling stories the same way and reach millions of potential leads using our state-of-the-art marketing tactics to ultimately bring more revenue to your business.

Social Current is a full-service digital and social media marketing company that is dedicated to developing and enhancing the digital culture of your business.

We strongly believe that a personalized strategy and compelling content creation is the most valuable form of marketing in today’s digital space that translates into sales and revenue for your business. The team at Social Current is passionate about working with our clients to perfect and deliver their brand story in order to extend their reach to the millions of people that surf the web everyday.


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