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Social Media Management

We turn uncharted seas into a lead generating empire with proactive social management.

Content Creation

We know how to creatively tie together social media, internet presence, and your business objectives to convert prospective clients into loyal customers.

Unique Website Creation

We help you stand out among the wave of websites with a dedicated approach for website development that suits your organization.

Email Marketing

Retain your customers by maintaining their focus with a message-in-a-bottle campaign: cost-effective and non-intrusive marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Our strategic research and careful analysis can help you achieve high rankings in major search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC

Maximize the potential the internet holds for you with a dynamic advertising program constantly tailored to get you the numbers you need.

Our Commitments


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We will build you a website that looks great and gains you credibility.

The internet has changed a lot of the past few years. Your potential leads are already searching for you. Gain their trust right away with a website that draws them in and keeps their attention. We create a website that will convert those leads, effectively and passively for you.

Our social media management program guarantees same-day results.

Social media is the way to get clients connected with you and your services. We take the effort out of planning demographic research, creating engaging content, and tediousness of social media and provide you with 24/7 digital growth.

We provide progressive digital marketing for any niche needs.

Whether it’s time for your business to reach a broader audience, take a personal approach to digital reputation, or retain more customers, we have a team member ready to personally work to bridge you to your goals. Our total digital marketing program can include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaign, online-reputation augmentation, email-marketing campaigns, and more.

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Our reviews

The team at Social Current revolutionized the marketing of my business. People talk about gaining passive income–Social Current gave me passive leads, which leads to much more than just extra income. They allowed my martial arts school to reach clients in a much broader region, and exponentially changed my community rapport. My business was no longer just confined to a suite in a strip mall.

Ken Hwang Hwang's ATA Martial Arts

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Why do I need social media management?

Advertising simply is connecting with people. With the ".com" boom in the 2000's, people were connected to products by their PC's. At the turn of the 19th century, motorists with their Model-T's were connected by billboards. Yellow pages connected people in 1886. Expand your market in 2017. Grow your business today.

  • Customers want to engage with you and your product
  • You should connect with your customers--where they already talk about you
  • People not only talk about you, but search for your company using social media
  • Consumers no longer just surf the web; they scroll through what is current
  • You deserve our social media management, so that you can focus on being your best
  • Join the current conversation, go social!


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Pinterest users that use the platform to plan purchases
millenials that check their social media every day

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